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One-Elec : The leading online retailer for Schneider's products

Electrical equipment is essentially the parts or elements used in any electrical construction project. This can range from a small home circuit to a large industrial facility. An extensive inventory will be made with One-Elec, our electrical specialist.

No mistakes on electricity

Product misuse has been the leading cause of accidental house fires in recent years. Millions of people commit basic electrical safety “blunders” at home without realizing they are at risk of fire or electric shock. Modern life means that we are using more and more electrical appliances at home. Only 20 years ago, every household on average had hi-fi, a television or a video. Today, it is more likely that there are at least two Tvs, a DVD player, a satellite receiver, a game console, a microwave oven, a computer, etc. Thus, the risk of electrical accidents in the home is much higher than before.

Why work with One-Elec?

In the engineering and technical communities, the field of electricity is very delicate. Everything has its place in this electrical circuit and a small mistake can be fatal. An electrical device is a device that directly uses electrical energy to perform a task. Which means that every component of this machine is important. One Elec is a company that has specialized in electricity, and with its many experiences, it has a complete service for electrical and electronic repairs as well. Through its online portal, it presents the advice section so that people can find themselves in their daily problem, but also so that they can share their experiences. An online advisor is available to help those who need it urgently. It is also a shop where you can find electrical products from the right brand.

The simple tips will help you to use your electrical appliances in the right way: read the labels on the cover and ask for help from a specialist in the event of a power failure.

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